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WTF are NFTs and why are Iranian artists into them?

Iranian NFT artist, Nightwatcher, joins us to talk about Iran’s emerging NFT scene, the promise of Web 3.0, and the launch of our collaborative NFT art piece.

What’s it like being Christian in a Muslim nation?

German priestess, Kirsten Wolandt joined us to discuss life as a Christian in Iran, as well as sing a Christmas carol.

What MUST you do in Iran?

No, this isn’t about tourist stuff — this one is about what you’re kinda forced to do in Iran. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a list for Iran would be longer than other nations — but is that strictly true?

How do I “fakefast”?

Join us for Iftar as we test foods for both fasters and “fakefasters”, while explaining everything you need to know about Ramadan in Iran.

Persians vs. Iranians… who wins?

The Persian Girl Podcast joined us to discuss what it means to be Persian and why some Iranians identify as such.

Should I spend the night with a Persian poet?

Could the epic annual battle of Light over Dark, take an unexpected twist in 2020? Listen to us discuss the Iranian occasion of the Night of Yalda, while also telling your fortune for 2021.

How do I move to Iran?

Katya, a Russian who married an Iranian, helps us understand what’s involved in moving to Iran.

What do Japanese people think of Iranian-made sushi?

A Japanese expat tells us what he thinks of Iranian-made sushi, life and work in Iran.

Where do I go for a first date in Iran?

Learn about the uniqueness of Iranian café culture and where to go to for a first date in Iran.

Why won’t Iranians take my money?

We discuss why Iranians want to give you anything and everything for free, until they don’t.

Is there an underground dance music scene in Iran?

Listen to us discuss dance music in Iran, and the difficulties of being a DJ in a Islamic Republic.

Is it true that there are desert parties and raves in Iran?

We meet DJ and music producer, Aryo, to discuss the underground dance music scene in Iran.

How do I make a successful podcast in Iran?

We talk to a successful Iranian podcaster about the expanding Persian language podcasting scene.

Who are the most famous Iranians?

In this show we help you learn about famous Iranians by playing the ‘Name Game’. Listen in and play along!

Why is all Iranian bread flat?

In this episode we’re joined by an Iranian chef, Shahriar of Shahriar’s Kitchen, who joins us to discuss Iranian flatbreads.

Why do Iranians think I am tired all of the time?

In this episode we discuss an odd question by Karen, who we suspect has Iranian friends that keep telling her, “don’t be tired”.

Where can I listen to the Ask An Iranian podcast?

Listen up! The Ask An Iranian podcast is now available on these platforms: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Podcasts iHeart Radio Stitcher Podcasts Podbean Podcasts CastBox Podcasts Where…

What souvenirs should I bring for my Iranian friends?

In this episode we do our very best to answer a question by Murat, who seems to know how important it is to bring Iranians souvenirs.

Why can’t Iranians get through doors?

Listen to our second show, and learn about the “door dance”.

What did you think of our first Ask An Iranian episode?

We had some great feedback on our first show and we wanted to show off about it. This was actually pretty fun, cool stuff! Nice idea and series…

What’s the best way to greet an Iranian?

Listen to our first show, and learn how to best greet an Iranian.

What’s the difference between Iranian Rials and Tomans?

What’s the difference between Rial and Toman? How many Rials are in a Toman?

Why do Iranians put ketchup on everything?

Why do Iranians put ketchup on top of their pizzas? Seriously, why?!

Yes, Iranians, why are you so beautiful?

Looks like one of the top searched for questions on Google, is why are Iranians so beautiful?