Ask An Iranian
What's the best way to greet an Iranian?

Listen to our first show, and learn how you can best greet an Iranian. During this first ever episode of Ask An Iranian we tell you when to shake hands and how to say hello in Persian.

During this episode, we tackle the following subjects

  • How do I say hello in Persian (Farsi)?
  • How do I shake an Iranian person’s hand (or not)?
  • Should I kiss an Iranian when you meet them?
  • How should I greet an Iranian during a business meeting?
  • What’s the appropriate way to greet the opposite gender in Iran?
  • How do different people across Iran greet one another?

If we haven’t been able to help answer your questions about greeting an Iranian, please add your question below. If however you are Iranian and feel we’ve gotten something wrong, or miss something, please feel free to also comment below.

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