Ask An Iranian - Persians vs. Iranians... who wins?
Ask An Iranian
Persians vs. Iranians... who wins?

What somebody identifies as has been all the rage in recent years, but like nearly everything—ever!—Iranians did it first. Since 1935, when Iran ceased to officially be Persia, Iranians have been choosing to refer to themselves as Persians. Throughout the following years, the reasons have changed for why one identifies as Iranian or Persian, and it’s exactly this that we wanted to explore. To help you understand more about this matter, we invited two girls that identify as Persian. In fact, they doubly identify as Persian, going as far as using it to identify their podcast. Yup, once again we had the pleasure of Persian Girl Podcast join us to discuss when to say your Persian, what it means to say you’re Persian, and whether one is more correct than the other. So listen to this episode to find out, “Persians vs. Iranians… who wins?”

Questions we get answers to in this episode

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