Iranian money in the form of bank notes - 100,000 Rials or 10,000 Tomans
10 Rials equals 1 Toman.

Unlike many currencies, the Iranian Rial to Toman is 10 to 1, as opposed to a more commonly understood 100 to 1, seen with other currencies.

The Rial is the official currency of Iran, but Toman is the unofficial term and is more commonly used by Iranians.

So if you’re asking prices in Iran, you need to be sure whether the price you’re looking at is in Rials or Tomans — failing to do so might mean that you’ll be paying for something 10-fold! It’s worth noting that in all official business transactions, Rials will be used.

List of Iranian money denominations

  • 10,000 Rials note = 1,000 Tomans
  • 20,000 Rials note = 2,000 Tomans
  • 50,000 Rials note = 5,000 Tomans
  • 100,000 Rials note = 10,000 Tomans
  • 500,000 Rials note = 50,000 Tomans (referred to as “travellers’ cheque”)

Can you name any other countries that don’t also have a 100 to 1 currency? Let us know below. 

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