Ask An Iranian - Is there an underground music scene in Iran - Drum and Bass DJs
Tehran Drum & Bass Weekend flyer

In our recent show we were joined by the Tehran based, Iranian DJ and music producer, Aryo. He is one half of the drum and bass music group known as The DevilDog, which he formed with his partner, Arshia, back in 2017. We were honoured to have had him sit with us and discuss subjects such as, whether the infamous underground dance music scene in Iran truly exists; how various forms of dance music is made available to Iranians; and the difficulties involved in being a DJ in the Islamic Republic of Iran. So, is it true that there are desert parties and raves in Iran? Listen to this show to find out.

We got answers to these questions, and more…

  • Is it true that there’s an underground dance music scene in Iran?
  • Which type of dance music is popular among the Iranian youth?
  • What type of people go to live dance music events in Iran?
  • How popular is drum and bass music in Iran?
  • Where the red lines are with live music events in Iran?
  • Is it safe to dance to dance music in Iran?

What does Iranian drum and bass sound like?

Sample of The DevilDog’s drum and bass music

Where can I follow Aryo and The DevilDog online?

You can follow Aryo’s music group, The DevilDog, on Instagram here, The DevilDog, on Twitter here, and you can listen to their music and also follow The DevilDog, on SoundCloud here.

We were doing a legal show, but with illegal music and an illegal audience

Aryo, The DevilDog

Have you been to a desert party or rave in Iran?

We’d love to hear from you if you, yourself have attended a desert party or rave in Iran. Let us know in the comments below what music genre was playing and whether you lasted the evening. If you’d like to go to a desert party or rave in Iran, well, don’t look to us — we’ve never been invited.