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Ask An Iranian
Who are the most famous Iranians?
Ask An Iranian - Top Most Famous Iranians

There are many lists of top famous Iranians available online, but we decided to tackle this matter differently. In this episode, we help you learn about well known Iranians by playing the ‘Name Game’. To do this, we describe the famous Iranians, as if we are them. So listen in and play along!

Questions we also answer in this episode

  • Who are the most famous contemporary Iranians?
  • What are the names of some of the famous historical Iranians?
  • Who are the most famous Iranian women?
  • Which singer is the most well known Iranian singer, ever?
  • Who is the most famous Iranian poet to have ever lived?
  • What percentage of the Iranian government wear shiny suits?

How famous are famous Iranians?

We have one of our listeners, Olga, to thank for the inspiration for this episode. She asked us, “who are the most famous Iranians?”. Naturally, any answers to this question will be subjective, but for brevity, we’ve highlighted a selection of famous Iranians in the show.

Famous Iranians mentioned in the show

Which Iranians have we missed?

We’d like to put it to our audience, who are your top three famous people from Iran? Let us know in the comments below, or head over to our Twitter page to respond in the comments and start a debate.

Persian words used during the show

PersianEnglish translations
Tabrizi:From the Iranian region of Tabriz, in the North West of Iran
Haft seen:“Seven S’s”, the name for the Iranian new year spread
Barbari:A type of Iranian flatbread
Norouz:The word for the Iranian New Year (occurring on the spring equinox)

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