Ask An Iranian -  Studio Portrait of Three Persian Wrestlers by Antoin Sevruguin, c.1890 - digitally remastered by Ask An Iranian

Salaam, dorood and hello! Welcome to the website of the #1 English-language Iran-based podcast. We tackle tricky questions on occasionally taboo topics, with the aim of helping you get comically clued up on Iran, Iranians, and the Iranian take on things.

Why bother?!

Well, we see it like this: Iran and Iranians are not short of media attention, and although you might not be surprised to hear that there’s a lot of hate, you will be surprised to hear that there’s a lot of the opposite. Great, right?! Well, Iranophiles have their place, but for the ‘average Jamshid’, there’s little out there in the English-speaking world that represent his views. Yes, ‘average Jamshid’ eats, sleeps and poops like you, but that strange watering can he uses after his poops, make him a little different. We find those differences interesting, and our audience does too, and that’s why we bother. So, until we run out of those sorts of things to talk about, or until we get are forced to stop, we’ll keep doing this.

How do I subscribe to the Ask An Iranian podcast?

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Who’s behind the Ask An Iranian podcast?

We are currently two whole people that make up a combined amount of 75% Iranian. We do this out of love, or maybe out of stupidity — it’s all self-funded and we have regular day jobs. We kinda hide our identities, because… you know. We go by the names of David and Mohammad, but we identify as ‘Persian girls’.

Listen to learn about Iranian culture, history and languages

We cover a wide variety of Iran related topics in our weekly English-language podcast and often have guests on the show to help tackle them. Highlighted below are few episodes that we’ve helpfully categorised for you.

Iranian women leaning on a Paykan car, surrounded by boxes — edited by Ask An Iranian

Podcast episodes about Iranian culture

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Various historic and famous Iranians - edited by Ask An Iranian

Podcast episodes about Iranian history

Listen to an episode on Iranian history

Ask An Iranian - Hassan Sabbah at Alamut Castle as his loyal soldiers sacrifice themselves for him - Am I also expected to die for an Iranian?

Podcast episodes about Iranian languages

How can I support the Ask An Iranian podcast?

We are entirely self-funded and don’t need support, but we do make a little money on merchandise, and won’t complain if you send a donation. For more info, visit our ‘support’ page.

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