What did you think of our first Ask An Iranian episode?

Photo of a painted bollard at Mellat Park, Tehran. More of these critters can be found there.

We had some great feedback on our first show and we wanted to show off about it.

This was actually pretty fun, cool stuff! Nice idea and series


It’s really good. I love cultural comparisons.


It sounds ****ing great man … you have a new listener.


Philip also mentioned, “…are you thinking about female voices? It’s 2020. You need gender balance”. We’d like to respond to this by saying that we’re looking to have female Iranian guests on the show in the near future.

If you listened to the first show and have any feedback for us, please add it to the comments section below.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi guys
    Just introduced to your podcast today through digesttt (Farshad Mahmoodi) you are doing great πŸ‘πŸ»
    I have one suggestion, your picture both on podcast and tweeter is not a good one. If you can change it, it will be great.
    Keep doing the good job, I posted your podcast address on my FB wall.


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