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Do Iranians live in a different time?

Nothing about how Iranians perceive time correlates with universally understood principles.

What should I know before dating Persian girls?

Persian Girl Podcast join us to discuss the expectations and complications of dating Iranians

What does Tehran sound like at 2.22am?

So why did we record a show, when we were exhausted and delirious. Here’s why…

What do Japanese people think of Iranian-made sushi?

A Japanese expat tells us what he thinks of Iranian-made sushi, life and work in Iran.

How do I spot the Iranians in the room?

Iranians may hide among you, wearing your national dress, but they can’t hide when they talk.

Where do I go for a first date in Iran?

Learn about the uniqueness of Iranian café culture and where to go to for a first date in Iran.

Why won’t Iranians take my money?

We discuss why Iranians want to give you anything and everything for free, until they don’t.

Is it true that there are desert parties and raves in Iran?

We meet DJ and music producer, Aryo, to discuss the underground dance music scene in Iran.

Can I listen to the Ask An Iranian podcasts on YouTube?

We’ve made the Ask An Iranian podcasts also available on YouTube, so find us there and subscribe.

What do you think about Iranians voting in support of Trump?

We thought that it’d be interesting for you to read more responses to our poll, and read feedback we got about the show itself.

What are your questions for Iranians?

“Heech” [“nothing”] by Parviz Tanavoli, an Iranian sculptor, painter, scholar and art collector.

Where can I listen to the Ask An Iranian podcast?

Listen up! The Ask An Iranian podcast is now available on these platforms: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Podcasts iHeart Radio Stitcher Podcasts Podbean Podcasts CastBox Podcasts Where…

What are the best ways to be an Ask An Iranian podcast fan?

Relax, we have the answer to the question you wake up with each morning: “am I doing enough to be an Ask An Iranian podcast fan?”. No, you’re…

What did you think of our first Ask An Iranian episode?

We had some great feedback on our first show and we wanted to show off about it. This was actually pretty fun, cool stuff! Nice idea and series…

Are there expats working in Iran?

Do expatriates live and work in Iran, and if so, how many? Yes, expats do live and work in Iran, and we’ll be getting back to you soon…

Can foreigners study in Iran?

Yes, foreigners are able to study in Iran, yet it will likely depend upon their ability to receive a visa. We will be revisiting this subject soon, at…

Is there a Hard Rock Café in Tehran, Iran?

Major cities around the world proudly host Hard Rock Cafés, but does Tehran have one? Well, yes and no. Yes, there is a “hard rock” café, but not…

Is Iran currently under lockdown from COVID 19?

As of today (2020/06/08), Iran is not under total #lockdown. Places are open, but check with authorities for more details.

Can I play Pokemon Go in Iran?

You can play Pokemon Go in Iran, but it’s officially blocked.

What’s the difference between Iranian Rials and Tomans?

What’s the difference between Rial and Toman? How many Rials are in a Toman?

Why do Iranians put ketchup on everything?

Why do Iranians put ketchup on top of their pizzas? Seriously, why?!

Yes, Iranians, why are you so beautiful?

Looks like one of the top searched for questions on Google, is why are Iranians so beautiful?


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