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Is there a Hard Rock Café in Tehran, Iran?

Major cities around the world proudly host Hard Rock Cafés, but does Tehran have one? Well, yes and no. Yes there is a “hard rock” café, but not…

Is Iran currently under lockdown from COVID19?

As of today (2020/06/08), Iran is not under total #lockdown. These are some of the places that are open: parks, restaurants and cafés, mosques, gyms and public transport….

Can I play Pokemon Go in Iran?

Yes, you can play Pokemon Go in Iran, but it’s officially blocked. There’s aren’t many players, so raiding legendaries will be tough. Tehran and Mashhad have larger Pokemon…

Rials or Tomans — not knowing the difference can be costly!

What’s the difference between Rial and Toman? How many Rials are in a Toman?

Why so much ketchup?

Why do Iranians put ketchup on top of their pizzas? Seriously, why?!

Yes, Iranians, why are you so beautiful?

Looks like one of the top searched for questions on Google, is why are Iranians so beautiful?


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