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How do I propose to a Persian girl?

Traditionally, Iranians show their intent to marry, with a “khaastegaari”. In times past, this moment may have been the 1st time the potential partners would have met. Listen to how Amir did it differently though.

Which Iranian national anthem is which?

Ask two Iranians to sing the Iranian national anthem and you’ll likely get two differing results. Also, they’ll probably both be wrong. Listen to us explain why.

How do I “fakefast”?

Join us for Iftar as we taste-test foods for the faster and “fakefaster” all between explaining almost everything you need to know about Ramadan in Iran.

Why do Iranians blackface? (feat. Tehran Von Ghasri)

In this episode, we get schooled by comedian-great, Tehran Von Ghasri. He/They joined us for a chat, and a chuckle on subjects such as Iranian black-facing, racial intersectionality and contemporary changes in comedy.

Why do Iranians “hamash” code-switch?

“Khob”, UI expert, Reza joins us to discuss how and why Iranians “hamash” alternate between languages, “va” we also read listener examples of this practice, also known as code-switch, “kholaaseh”.

How do I “hodl” Bitcoin in Iran?

Learn from tech expert, Mostafa, as to why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are beneficial to visitors to Iran, as well as Iranians traveling abroad.

What $#!± should I not say in Persian?

Listen to us give translations of the many peculiar Persian insults, innuendos and inappropriate words used by Iranians around the world.

[redacted] in Iran?

Listen to Shanay as she joins us to discuss how living in Iran affects the choices made by you and others in restricting expression.

What’s the deal with Iran?

Listen to Michael Hilliard, of The Red Line podcast, discuss his Iran visit, the JCPOA ‘nuclear deal’, the complex regional geopolitics, and Iranian ice-cream.

Do Iranians do it louder?

Listen to us, and friends of the show, give their examples of ‘beshkans’ and listen to learn how you, too, can do the Iranian finger-snap.

Persians vs. Iranians… who wins?

The Persian Girl Podcast joined us to discuss what it means to be Persian and why some Iranians identify as such.

How much English can Iranians e’speak?

We called various places in Tehran, and ask stupid questions… but in English. Listen to see how Iranians responded.

What do Iranians think of America?

We discuss the defining points in the decades of drama between Iran and America, while reading what Iranians think about America.

What went right in 2020?

We invite our guests from 2020 to tell us went right for them in 2020, while giving a summary of what happened in Iran, in 2020.

Should I spend the night with a Persian poet?

Could the epic annual battle of Light over Dark, take an unexpected twist in 2020? Listen to us discuss the Iranian occasion of the Night of Yalda, while also telling your fortune for 2021.

How do I avoid a hard Irexit?

Iranians never can say goodbye, no, no, n’, noo, no! Listen to learn how to do a “soft Irexit”, and to politely escape any Iranian gathering.

What does Tehran taste like?

‘Tehran Taster’, Fareed, joins us to discuss Tehran’s hunger for international cuisine, as well as how to make it as an influencer in Iran.

Taxi stories… what’s Tehran got?

Shanay joins us to talk taxis — the crazier cars, the crazy drivers, and the crazy conversations found on the streets of Tehran.

How do I move to Iran?

Katya, a Russian who married an Iranian, helps us understand what’s involved in moving to Iran.

Are Iranians funny?

Neema Naz chats about Iranian humour, the contemporary comedy scene and his recent role in The Boys.

What animal will lead the US?

Iranians tell us what kinda animals Trump and Biden are.

Are Iranian girls players?

‘Yeggiz’, joined us to discuss how to make money while playing games in Iran.

Am I also expected to die for an Iranian?

Iranians will casually suggest that they’ll sacrifice themselves for you — listen in to learn how to respond.

What is that terrible Iranian music?

We discuss Iranian “commoner” music, and get listener feedback on a new suggestion for our intro song.