Café Paradiso, Tehran

Major cities around the world proudly host Hard Rock Cafés, but does Tehran have one?

Well, yes and no. Yes there is a “hard rock” café, but not the Hard Rock Café. Tehran has a wide variety of cafés dotted throughout the city and such café is Café Paradiso. Not only does this coffeeshop-come-restaurant play many great rock song, but is also decorated with famous album covers, guitars and band memorabilia .

Not only is the atmosphere great there (unless you have a problem with cigarette smoke), but the food and drinks are just as good. Be sure to try out one of their burgers and don’t be surprised by the steak knife that’ll be plunged into it.

So, unfortunately you won’t be getting your ‘Tehran’ branded, Hard Rock Café t-shirt, but you will be getting a somewhat similar experience.

If you know of any other great cafés in Tehran, please comment below to share with our audience.