Ask An Iranian - What should I know about before dating a Persian Girl? - Old Iranian car advert with woman leaning on the car

You asked for it, we done did it. We joined forces with the Persian Girl Podcast to discuss the expectations and complications with dating Iranians — or should we say Persians? Having the Persian Girl Podcast girls join us meant that we were able to present the domain of dating Persian girls from both the view of men and women.

Among other topics, we discuss hidden aspects for Iranians when dating, such as the pressures placed on them by parents and the community. Being based in America, our guests were able to balance out the perspectives, giving us insight into how it is to date as an Iranian in America, while we provided perspective from Iran. So, listen in to learn what you should know about before dating a Persian girl.

We also get answers to these questions

  • Are Iranians Persians, or Persians Iranians?
  • Who are the Persian Girl Podcast girls?
  • What should you know about before going on a date with an Iranian?
  • Who should get the bill when going on a date with an Iranian?
  • How traditional should an Iranian girl seem on a date?
  • Should you meet Iranian parents before getting married?
  • How important is the subject of virginity for Iranians?
  • Are Iranian parents ok with Iranian kids living with their boyfriends/girlfriends?
  • How do I fake being a virgin?
  • Should you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your Iranian family?
  • Is being Jewish-Iranian doubly complicated when dating?
  • How long should you wait before proposing to an Iranian?
  • How is the economic situation in Iran affected social gatherings?
  • Lastly, which Middle-Eastern community has the most complicated dating rituals?

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Here’s a sample show, to help get you started:

Translations of Persian (Farsi) words used during the episode

Persian (Pingilish)English translation
Tā’aroff:A term given for polite social protocol
Befarmāeid:“Please, after you” – a Persian term
Dongi:The Persian term for splitting items between people, like a bill
Ghormesabzi:An Iranian stew using various herbs an often containing lamb
Fesenjoon:An Iranian stew made with pomegranate juice and walnut
Māmān jooni:“Mother dearest” – a Persian term of endearment said to mothers
Khastegāri:The Persian term for marriage proposal, done as a family
Khejālati:“Being shy”
Khānoom:“Woman” – used in the show to explain the traditional idea of one
Āghel:“Wise” or “mature”
Shakhsiat:“Personality” – use in the show to mean a person of character
Heyvoon:“Animal” – used in the show as a derogatory expression
“ā” appearing like this, is pronounced as a long-a, as used in the word “water”

Photo credit: photo of an old Iranian car advert, adapted by Ask An Iranian, please don’t use without permission — be “bā shakhsiat” please. All of the Ask An Iranian podcast covers are available as NFTs here.