In our show, “Why do Iranians support Trump?”, we only gave you a glimpse of the feedback that we got to our Twitter poll in response to @TheTweetOfGod. We thought that it would be interesting for you to read more responses, and read some of the feedback we got about the actual show itself.

A selection of replies from Twitter

Friends of the show directly contacted us to say…

It’s actually a very interesting question deeper down … You touch upon it though – as in Iranians liking a “strong leader”. I think that’s only a symptom though. I’d say it’s more a desire for absolute reliable truth, i.e. black-and-white thinking. Which of course comes from insecurities and uncertainties, and from living in a context that is largely quite muddy and intransparent. And which of course creates a desire for strong leadership, clear structures, including hierarchical ones. That’s a pretty common phenomenon around the world.

Swiss Listener

Loved the disclaimer 😂

Scottish listener

This one was great👍🏻 … the best so far


If you’re dissatisfied with any of this…

We are interested to hear what you have to say. If you feel that the results do not reflect the reality, or feel that there is some underlying reason that the results turned out the way they did, please comment below.