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Am I also expected to die for an Iranian?

Those of you with Iranian friends might have had that moment. You know, the moment when your friend casually suggests that they’ll sacrifice him or herself for you. It could have come in response to simply saying goodbye, or maybe after you offered to make them a cup of tea. Either way, this shocking declaration will have you concerned about your Iranian friend’s mental wellbeing. No need to worry though, it’s just that thing — you know, that thing Iranians do! Like that other thing, you know, how they’ll try to show respect by saying that they’re the tomato skin between your teeth. Yeah, that thing! Don’t worry though, if you’re thinking, “am I also expected to die for an Iranian?” — no, no, you aren’t. So, in this episode we discuss those Iranian things, and more…

We also get answer to the following questions

  • Do Iranians really want to sacrifice themselves for others?
  • Who is Hassan Sabbah and what’s the historical story set in Alamut Castle?
  • What do Iranians mean when they say “gorboonat”/”gorboonet”?
  • Why do Iranians self-deprecate, when they talk with one another?
  • Is there a Netflix Special about Assassins?

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati

Photo credit: via Wikipedia — engraving drawn by Pierre Méjanel and engraved by François Pannemaker – Léo Taxil, Les Mystères de la Franc-Maçonnerie, Paris, 1886. Edited by Ask An Iranian.

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