What $#!± should I not say in Persian?

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What are the first words you learn when learning another language? It’s always the same of course! You learn how to ask if the meat is halal, if the toilets have a botty-hose, and of course, the names of various four-legged animals. After you’ve impressed any newly-found foreign friends with the names of four-legged animals in their language, they’ll likely proceed to teach you more words. Don’t be confused though when they follow-up by telling you to never use any of them. In a similar vein, this episode of the Ask An Iranian podcast is exactly that, in that, we hope you’ll never use any of the Persian insults that we teach you.

Should the suggestion of that have aroused your curiosity, then tune in to enjoy the veritable smorgasbord of Persian insults, innuendos and inappropriate words. Also within this episode, we read out contributions from our beloved listeners who kindly helped us out in helping you get familiar with the best, the worst and the weirdest Farsi cuss words. So, if you want to know what you should not say to an Iranian, be sure to check this episode out.

Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • Did the historical Persian poets ever use profanity in their works?
  • Do Iranians think that they swear more than other peoples?
  • Which Iranian serial is good to learn Persian with whilst watching?
  • Do Iranian movies have age certification, or is it all ‘Parental Guidance’?
  • Is it ok for non-Torks to use the term “Tork e Khar” (Tork Donkey)?
  • How do I swear in Farsi?
  • Do Arabs and Iranians have similar insults?
  • How do the Kurdish insult one another?
  • Are people that use bad language, more trust-worthy?

A list of common Persian-language insults and foul language

We feel that it’s important for you to know these Persian insults and to know them by reading how they would sound if spoken. We hope that you never hear them, and we sure hope you never use them. If our exhaustive list of how to swear in Persian (Farsi) isn’t satisfactory enough, head here for even more.

PersianEnglish translation
Aab chaaghaal:Semen of a male that prefers males
An agha:“Mr Shit”
Azaamaatam:Wishing someone continuous death and sorry, and to continually be in mourning
Bi gheirat:A person with no honour
Bi naamoos:A person with no honour
Chaaghi:A male who prefers males, but maybe more passively
Dayoos:“Pimp” or “cuckold”
Gardan koloft:“Thick neck” – a term for bigot
Ghoroom saagh:“Cuckhold” – or maybe “your wife is a bitch”
Goh to dahanet:“Shit in your mouth” – an insult you’d say to someone
Goh to saret:“Shit on your head” – an insult you’d say to someone
Haraam zaadeh:“Bastard”
Hezaar pedar:“Thousand fathers” – an insult suggesting your mother gets around
Jaa kesh:“Place puller” – like a brothel provider
Ke ke:“Shit”
Kiri:A person who is in to dick
Kiram to dahanet:“My dick in your mouth”
Koonaki:This probably means, “little arse”
Koon bacheh:A male who prefers males, but maybe more passively
Koon nashoshteh:“Arse not washed” – said to somebody who you want to suggest doesn’t wash their arse
Koon goshaad:“Loose arse” – a term used to suggest somebody is lazy
Koon kesh:“Pimp” – for men looking for men
Kos e sher:“Pussy poetry” – meaning, “bullshit”
Kos kesh:“Pussy puller” – a pimp
Kos khol:“Crazy pussy” – suggesting somebody is a crazy idiot
Khaak to saret:“Mud on your head” – something like, “die!”
Khaar koste:“Your sister is a slut” – probably one of the worst insults
Khasis:“Stingy” – being tight with money
Maadar jendeh:“Your mother is a prostitute”
Maadar ghabeh:Referring to another person’s mother as a prostitute
Maadari:A person who is sexually interested in their mother
Martikeh:A way to refer to a man in a belittling way
Martikeh haraam goosht:Kinda like, your meat is haram, and can’t be eaten
Morde shoor:“washer of dead people” – an occupation in itself
Namak nashenas:“Not knowing salt” – kinda used to suggest somebody is ungrateful
Nang:A disgrace
Naneh hamegi:“Mother of all” – an insult suggesting that your mother belongs to all
Pedar sag:“Dog father” — like, “you cretin”
Pedar sookhteh:“Burnt dog” — like, “you cheeky so and so”
Pofak sar:“Cheese-puff head”
Shahre Nooei:Somebody from the place known as ‘Shahre No’, a place that was essentially a ‘red light’ district
Tokhm e jen:“A genie’s testicle”
Tokhm e sag:“Dog’s testicles”
Tool e sag:“Child of a dog”
Tork e khar:“Tork donkey” – Torks are ethnic group of Iranians
Yaaboo:The name of the animal known as an ass
Zahre maar:“Snake’s poison” – said in response to another, by an upset person
Zer nazan:Kinda like, “don’t talk too much”
“a” appearing alone, will be pronounced as a short-a — double ‘aa’s are long, as used in the word “water”

We had a lot of help from our listeners in getting these examples, so thanks to all those that contributed. If you want to contribute to upcoming episodes, be sure to follow us on Instagram and check out our stories, in which we occasional request feedback.

Translations of Persian (Farsi) words used during this episode

PersianEnglish translation
Khoda nakoneh:“God forbid”
Mashgh:“Practice/exercise” – sometimes used for “homework”
Khaak bar saram:“Mud on my head” – like, “bury me”
Laati:Something like gangster
Kholaaseh ke:Slang, kinda like, “…long story short”
Daste shomaa dard nokone:“May your hands not be tired”
Nemishe goftesh:“It can’t be said”
Faakher:“Fine” (as in fine art) – sometimes a family name for Iranians
“a” appearing alone, will be pronounced as a short-a — double ‘aa’s are long, as used in the word “water”

Image credit: ‘red collapsable donkey toy’ edited by Ask An Iranian

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