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You’re a curious one, aren’t you! You’re not alone though, you are most likely a human, which means you think things like, “what happens if I put an effervescent tablet in sparkling water?”. There are some things that you think about but never act on, such as pushing that man in front of that bus. You don’t do it, because you’re most likely a human. There are some things you stop yourself from doing, but at times, there are some things others stop you from doing. We had Shanay (most likely a human) join us to discuss how living in Iran affects the choices made by you and others in restricting expression. Call it censorship; call it self-censorship, either way, the two are at times inseparable. Listen to this episode to understand how Iranians censor themselves and others in an episode where we relay peculiar stories about censorship in Iran.

Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • Is Mohammad dying?
  • Are we all dying?
  • What type of restrictions get applied to Iranian adverts?
  • Do diplomats get media training?
  • What types of censorship exist in Iran?
  • Does anyone censor the Ask An Iranian podcast?
  • What does the Iranian name Negar mean, and why is it considered offensive in the West?
  • Is it ever right to use the word that we use “the N-word” term for?
  • Do Iranians man-spread wider?
  • Did #MeToo ever happen in Iran?

How do I follow this episode’s guest, Shanay, online?

If you’d like to follow our guest and maybe see how her restoration project is going, you can follow Shanay on Instagram, here.

Translations of Persian (Farsi) words used in this episode

PersianEnglish translation
Khodaa nakoneh:“God forbid”
Kesaafat:“Filth” – used to insult somebody
Golpayegaan:The name of a city in Iran
Inshallah:“God willing”
Fadaat besham:Something like, “I will sacrifice myself for you”
Berim:“Let’s go”
“a” appearing alone, will be pronounced as a short-a — double ‘aa’s are long, as used in the word “water”

Image credit: ‘Duct tape over a yellow background’ created by Ask An Iranian