Speaker: Shanay Artemis Hubmann

Are all Iranian men mummy’s boys?

In Iran, we won’t refer to a boy as a “special child” of a family — we’ll say he’s the “golden willy”. The reference can result in the creation of mummy’s boys. Listen to Shanay help us unpeel this tricky topic.

Flight stories… what’s Iran got?

Listen to weird and wonderful Iran related flight stories and learn what to expect and what to be aware of when travelling with Iranians.

How do I “fakefast”?

Join us for Iftar as we test foods for both fasters and “fakefasters”, while explaining everything you need to know about Ramadan in Iran.

[redacted] in Iran?

Listen to Shanay as she joins us to discuss how living in Iran affects the choices made by you and others in restricting expression.

Should I spend the night with a Persian poet?

Could the epic annual battle of Light over Dark, take an unexpected twist in 2020? Listen to us discuss the Iranian occasion of the Night of Yalda, while also telling your fortune for 2021.

Taxi stories… what’s Tehran got?

Shanay joins us to talk taxis — the crazier cars, the crazy drivers, and the crazy conversations found on the streets of Tehran.