Ask An Iranian
Where do I go for a first date in Iran?
Ask An Iranian - Couple sitting drinking coffee in a café in Tehran, Iran

In this show we are joined by the proprietor of one of Iran’s long-standing cultural hotspots, deep in the heart of Tehran’s flourishing downtown district.

Café 78’s owner, Mehrva, sat with us to discuss how Iran’s café culture has come to dominate the social spheres, and how it has evolved throughout her 18-years of business. We also chat about the challenges of running a café in Iran, and learn about why Iranian cafés often get temporarily shut down.

During our discussion we talk about how her café has been the starting point for many relationships and why such places are common to go for first dates. So listen to learn about the uniqueness of Iranian café culture, or listen in if you are curious as about where to go for a first date in Iran.

Music: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati

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