ask an iranian how do I spot the Iranians in the room
Ask An Iranian
How do I spot the Iranians in the room?

In this episode, we try to equip you with the knowledge needed to help you understand whether you’re talking to an Iranian or not. Iranians may hide among you, they may appear wearing your national dress, but in many cases, they will struggle to hide it when they talk. So, listen in and we’ll help you know how you can spot the Iranians in the room.

Questions that we get answers to during this episode…

  • How will Iranians try to disguise or “visually look” while in other nations?
  • Which English language sounds are Iranians unable to pronounce?
  • Why can’t the Azari/Tork Iranians say the word “cat” correctly?
  • What’s the name of the ride-sharing taxi service in Iran (similar to Uber)?
  • Which other language share similar sounds to the Persian (Farsi) language?
  • What happens when an Iranian tries to say an English word with back-to-back consonants, like “stealth”?
  • Why do Iranians add verbs to verbs when they use English in Persian?
  • How do I spot the Iranians in the room?
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