Ask An Iranian
What is the most Iranian thing?

The Americans have obesity, the French have snobbery and the Saudis have hacksaws, but what is the most Iranian thing? To help figure this one out, we called on the help of our audience, and the results… were weird, in parts. We obviously got answers such as Persian rugs, nose jobs, and saffron, but we weren’t expecting so many things related to the toilet.

So, to help you get familiar with why the most Iranian things are the most Iranian things, be sure to check our website here.

Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • What are the top ten most Iranian things?
  • Do Sharjah Filipinos dress recognizably?
  • Which nation sells the most saffron (it’s not Iran, kinda)?
  • What is taarof and why is it so Iranian?
  • Why do Iranians use “ghand” instead of regular sugar?
  • What is in the popular Iranian dish, Ghormeh Sabzi?
  • Are Iranians good drivers?
  • How do Iranian cook rice?
  • Why do Iranians add tomato ketchup to everything?
  • Which is correct Farsi or Persian?
  • Why do Iranians wrap everything in plastic?
  • How are Iranian toilets different?
  • What is an “aaftaabeh” and why are they used in Toilets?
  • Why do Iranians sit on the floor to eat?
  • What is the most popular social media for Iranians?
  • Why do Iranians households have so many facial tissue boxes?

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati

Image credit: aftabeh with the ancient Persian Cyrus Cylinder from the 6th century BC (British Museum London) and the Golden Achaemenid Rhyton from 5th century B.C.E. (National Museum of Iran) – Artwork by Ask An Iranian, 2021.

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