Ask An Iranian Episode 52 How much do Iranians tip
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How much do Iranians tip?

You do it. We do it. Even educated Iranian PhDs do it. Let’s do it. Let’s show a little extra gratitude. So yes, Iranians do have a culture of tipping, but there are differences. Now, where, when and how should you show this gratitude when tipping in Iran — well, allow us to explain.

In this episode we discuss how to tip in Iran by sharing our experience of such moments. We tell you how Iran is similar to other nation with respect to tipping, as well as how it differs. For example, you probably should tip your taxi driver that will pick you up at the airport, but you won’t necessarily tip drivers for inner city journeys. If you’re staying in Iran for a while, you may have a porter that will take care of odd-jobs here and there, but when should you tip and how much?

Listen to this episode, to learn how Iranians go about tipping, and thank us later for the millions (of Rials!) you’ll likely save.

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