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Baba, why did you circumcise me?

We put it out to our Iranian audience. We asked them if they prefer their men cut, i.e. circumcised. They mostly preferred it. We also asked them if they think being cut is a good idea. They mostly thought it was a good idea. Lastly, we asked them if they would have their next male child cut. They were kinda 50/50 on this. Where did the enthusiasm for circumcision in Iran go?!

The practice of circumcision goes way back — like 15,000 years back. Yes, apparently Egyptians are depicted as performing circumcision before Judaism and Islam adopted it into their rituals. Fast forward to the modern day and we now have health reasons to help perpetuate this practice. In fact, health was the main reason given to us by our audience for why they think it’s a good idea. Another top listed reason was beatification.

Some of the questions we get answers to in this episode

  • Do Iranians circumcise their boys?
  • Are women circumcised in Iran?
  • Does female genital mutilation (FGM) happen in Iran
  • Why do Iranians think circumcision is a good idea?
  • Where did the practice of circumcision come from?
  • Why do Muslims circumcise their boys?
  • How did one of the Ask An Iranian host’s circumcision in Iran go?
  • Is circumcision common in Iran?

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Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati | “Ask An Iranian Outro”, The Devildog

Image credit: image of a circumcised banana representing a golden penis, or “doodool tala” as Iranians say. All of the Ask An Iranian podcast covers are available as NFTs here.

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