Ask An Iraniana Podcast How deep will an Iranian uncle’s love go?
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How deep will an Iranian uncle’s love go?

You might have uncles, and you might have aunties. Iranians, however, have uncles, and they have uncles, and they have non-uncle uncles. This is because the titles given, differ, depending on the relation. Although this is not unique to Iran, there are many uniquely Iranian things that the world needs to know about Iranian aunts and uncles. What are they? Like any good Iranian uncle, we attempt to get deep into things.

In this episode, we discuss the Persian words for aunts and uncles. We also let you know why Iranians, seemingly, have different feelings towards their aunts and uncles, depending on if they are your mother or father’s sibling. As if that wasn’t enough, we get into the good, the bad and the ugly Persian terms that involve Iranian aunts and uncles.

We believe that comedy can help highlight disturbing topics by helping bring about awareness, and subsequent change for the better. In this episode we tackle one of the more disturbing ones: that of child abuse. We’ve heard anecdotal evidence of such happenings, and elude to this during our conversation. We conclude the conversations about this with a warning to those that might fall prey to such horrors. It goes without saying that we find such crimes against children abhorrent.

Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • What is the Persian (Farsi) word for uncle?
  • Why are some Iranian aunts and uncles more important?
  • What is the Persian (Farsi) word for aunt
  • How many words are there for aunt and uncle in Persian (Farsi)?
  • Why do Iranian uncles and aunts answer you with their own title?
  • How do you say aunt and uncle in Persian (Farsi)?
  • Why is a Dāi better than an Amoo?
  • What Persian (Farsi) phrases, idioms or terms use aunt or uncle?
  • Why is a Khāleh better than an Ammeh?
  • What are the gender neutral terms for aunt and uncle?
  • Who is Amoo Sabzi Foroosh?
  • What Persian (Farsi) phrases use aunt or uncle?
  • Are there gender neutral terms for the words aunt and uncle?

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati | “Ask An Iranian Outro”, The Devildog

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