Persian NFT, Created by Ask An Iranian in collaboration with The Nightwatcher
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WTF are NFTs and why are Iranian artists into them?

[NOTE OF WARNING: please read below before setting up an account for NFTs.]

How much is a really good replica of a Mona Lisa worth? It might only be worthy of wiping your rear with — which should come as no surprise to you. This is because she’s a one-off work of art, or “non-fungible”. The digital realm has brought many great things with its advent, but until recently, freely replicating information made digital ownership very fungible. This has changed with the introduction of Web 3.0.

We were joined by the Iranian artist, Nightwatcher, who recently shifted from being a regular real-world artist to an NFT artist. The NF part stands for non-fungible, and the T is for token. This means, his art is minted using certain technologies and made available for people to own the rights to. Control-C and Control-P his stuff if you like, he doesn’t mind. You won’t own it in the true sense.

This gentleman joined us to chat about the changing world of art with respect to NFTs, but also shared with us his experience of the Iranian art scene. He explains these changes are affording Iranian artists—especially—with a new means to be able to avoid restrictions. During our discussion, we also touched upon how emerging technologies, seen with Web 3.0 for example, are changing people’s association with the internet and each other.

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NOTE OF WARNING: in this episode, we advocate the NFT platform, OpenSea. This company restricts activity for people that are related to Iran. Do not use their services if this description relates to you. Similarly, be warned, other platforms may also have such restrictions. Always check a platform’s restrictions before setting up an account.

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Image credit: NightwatcherXHomadokht + Ask An Iranian, Acid Ajam remix NFT artwork, 2022. Copyright… to whoever buys it here.

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