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Ask An Iranian
What $#!± should I not say in Persian?

What are the first words you learn when learning another language? It’s always the same of course! You learn how to ask if the meat is halal, if the toilets have a botty-hose, and of course, the names of various four-legged animals. After you’ve impressed any newly-found foreign friends with the names of four-legged animals in their language, they’ll likely proceed to teach you more words. Don’t be confused though when they follow-up by telling you to never use any of them. In a similar vein, this episode of the Ask An Iranian Podcast is exactly that, in that, we hope you’ll never use any of the Persian insults that we teach you.

Should the suggestion of that have aroused your curiosity, then tune in to enjoy the veritable smorgasbord of Persian insults, innuendos and inappropriate words. Also within this episode, we read out contributions from our beloved listeners who kindly helped us out in helping you get familiar with the best, the worst and the weirdest Farsi cuss words. So, if you want to know what you should not say to an Iranian, be sure to check this episode out.


Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • Did the historical Persian poets ever use profanity in their works?
  • Do Iranians think that they swear more than other peoples?
  • Which Iranian serial is good to learn Persian with whilst watching?
  • Do Iranian movies have age certification, or is it all ‘Parental Guidance’?
  • Is it ok for non-Torks to use the term “Tork e Khar” (Tork Donkey)?
  • How do I swear in Farsi?
  • Do Arabs and Iranians have similar insults?
  • How do the Kurdish insult one another?
  • Are people that use bad language, more trust-worthy?

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