Ask An Iranian Episode 57 What Must You Do in Iran
Ask An Iranian
What MUST you do in Iran?

No, this isn’t about tourist stuff — no, no, this one is about what you’re kinda forced to do in Iran. And yes, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a list of what you must do in Iran would be longer than other nations — but is that strictly true? Well, probably yes. How much more, is something we go deep into, with this episode.

As you might expect, there are dress codes that you must respect in Iran (for both men and women), and there are several musts that you won’t expect. For example, you must officially name your child a certain way. With the help of our Iranian audience, we get into this, and more — so be sure to read more here to learn more.

Questions we also get answers to in this episode

  • What tourist things must you do in Iran?
  • Are you likely to kill a 5th dimension version of yourself?
  • What must men and women wear in Iran?
  • Is there a dress code for men in Iran?
  • How much should women cover up in Iran?
  • Why do old Iranian houses have two knockers on the doors?
  • Are men and women allowed to share a taxi in Iran?
  • Can non-related men and women be together in public?
  • Are the people from Yazd conservative?
  • Does Iran have a conscription military service?
  • What happens if you leave the Islamic faith?

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati

Image credit: original photo of multiple Iranian women in black hejāb by Mehdi Sepehri on Unsplash, edited by adding a face mask to the child, by Ask an Iranian.

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