ask an iranian what does Tehran sound like at 2.22am?
Ask An Iranian
What does Tehran sound like at 2:22am?

What have we done?! That’s a great question — you’re a curious one, aren’t you? Allow us to explain. So we did a prequel show — but didn’t know that it would be a prequel while making it. We’d scheduled a recording with the American-based Persian Girl Podcast at 2am Iran-time, but they were a little delayed. The more industrious of the Ask An Iranian duo decided that the unknown amount of delay should use to create content. The other one of the Ask An Iranian duo—not fully realizing what he’d be signing up for—reflexively hit record. This show is the result — for the most part. Also, for the most part, we try and answer the question, “what does Tehran sound like at 2:22am?”, but we deviate a lot. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

This show is unedited — kinda. We haven’t cut the original recording, but we have redacted some parts, because… reasons. You might very well complain that we didn’t redact enough, because… singing.

Picture credit: Majid Hujiloo. Music credit: Bensound – The Elevator Bossa Nova.

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