Ask An Iranian - What kinda animals are Trump and Biden - American political party icons and logos but with different animals
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What animal will lead the US?

You know how you sometimes look at a person and think, naked mole rat? Well, this episode is kinda mostly about those kinda moments. These moments seem to exist because we, as humans, can’t help but attribute animal characteristics to things. This can be based on the way something acts, but seems to be more related to the way something looks. This is precisely the case for the American political parties, what with the Democrats using a donkey, and the Republicans using an elephant. We shamelessly wanted to use the international interested over the 2020 American elections and use the spectacle as moment for cultural exploration. So, what animal will lead the US? Read more on our website.

Questions we get answers to in this episode

  • What kinda animals are Trump and Biden?
  • What does the Iranian Supreme Leader think about the US election outcome?
  • Do Iranians support Trump? (answered in episode 05)
  • Do Iranians have daddy issues? (answered in episode 09)
  • Do Iranians like dogs or hate them?
  • What do Iranians think of the English?

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati

Image credit: American political party animals in various icons – source icons by Georgiana Ionescu, edited by Ask An Iranian

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