Ask An Iranian
Ask An Iranian
Are Iranian girls players?

So, we recently learned that you can make a living, sitting on your behind and shooting at virtual characters… even in Iran. To help us get out heads around this, we chatted with ‘Yeggiz’, an Iranian gamer-girl, who is doing just that. Unperturbed by the many issues faced by Iranian gamers, she’s been gaming, streaming, and vlogging since the pandemic hit. We invited her on the show to not only help bring us up to date but to also help our audience understand the fun and the frustration of gaming in Iran. So are Iranian girls players? Read more here.

During this episode we also get answers to these questions

  • Is during a pandemic the best time for Iranians to get married?
  • Are Iranian girls players?
  • Is mobile-gaming considered gaming?
  • What does FPS mean in gaming = “First Person Shooter”
  • What e-sport games can I get contracts through?
  • Do Iranians actually really shoot real living people, outside of games?
  • How do I make money as a gamer in Iran?
  • What technical issues do Iranians face when gaming in Iran?
  • How have sanctions against Iran effected gamers in Iran?
  • Who is Kevin? [unfortunately left unanswered]

Music credit: “Mahvash, Parivash”, Jalal Hemmati | “Prince of Persia”, from the video game Prince of Persia – 1989 Francis Mechner

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