The world according to Iranians. A map describing how Iranians see other people from other nations. Made by Ask An Iranian.

Iranians will likely use the Persian word for “foreigner” (“Khaareji”) when referring to certain people from certain nations. They will almost certainly use this term when referring to people from so called first-world nations. If this term is not applied, then they will likely refer to a foreign person by their ethnicity or nationality.

To help simplify this simplified way of viewing people from around the world, we made all this. By this, we mean… the image above, the funny Iranian video below and a map that you can buy from our online store.

Before you check those things out, please note, we conducted no surveys to qualify these views. We came up with this based our personal experiences and have made this content for comedy value only.

Watch our take on how Iranians see other people

Excerpt from E53 where we describe the world according to Iranians.

This video was made using an excerpt from our episode, “Why do Iranians think we’re better than them?”. In this episode we discuss how Iranians can be kinda racist — but the good kind! We also get into how they will hold certain peoples in high esteem. The episode also involved the experiences of various “khaarejis”, who helped us explain why this happens and with who it happens.

Listen to the full episode by pressing that play-button below.

Buy a map of the world according to Iranians

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Copyright: Funny world map of how Iranians see the world, designed by Ask An Iranian, 2021.