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How much English can Iranians e’speak?

We called various places in Tehran, and ask stupid questions… but in English. Listen to see how Iranians responded.

What do Iranians think of America?

We discuss the defining points in the decades of drama between Iran and America, while reading what Iranians think about America.

What went right in 2020?

We invite our guests from 2020 to tell us went right for them in 2020, while giving a summary of what happened in Iran, in 2020.

Should I spend the night with a Persian poet?

Could the epic annual battle of Light over Dark, take an unexpected twist in 2020? Listen to us discuss the Iranian occasion of the Night of Yalda, while also telling your fortune for 2021.

How do I avoid a hard Irexit?

Iranians never can say goodbye, no, no, n’, noo, no! Listen to learn how to do a “soft Irexit”, and to politely escape any Iranian gathering.

What does Tehran taste like?

‘Tehran Taster’, Fareed, joins us to discuss Tehran’s hunger for international cuisine, as well as how to make it as an influencer in Iran.

How do I sweet-talk an Iranian?

“Eshgham”, listen on to learn the sweetest of Iranian sweet-talk and why this “mush” is such an important part of the culture.

Taxi stories… what’s Tehran got?

Shanay joins us to talk taxis — the crazier cars, the crazy drivers, and the crazy conversations found on the streets of Tehran.

How do I move to Iran?

Katya, a Russian who married an Iranian, helps us understand what’s involved in moving to Iran.

Are Iranians funny?

Neema Naz chats about Iranian humour, the contemporary comedy scene and his recent role in The Boys.

What animal will lead the US?

Iranians tell us what kinda animals Trump and Biden are.

Am I also expected to die for an Iranian?

Iranians will casually suggest that they’ll sacrifice themselves for you — listen in to learn how to respond.

What the [email protected] is with that music?

We discuss Iranian “commoner” music, and get listener feedback on a new suggestion for our intro song.

Do Iranians live in a different time?

Nothing about how Iranians perceive time correlates with universally understood principles.

What should I know before dating a Persian girl?

Persian Girl Podcast join us to discuss the expectations and complications of dating Iranians

What does Tehran sound like at 2:22am?

Listen to the peculiar prequel to our interview with Persian Girls Podcast.

What do Japanese people think of Iranian-made sushi?

We’re joined by Mr. Yoshioka, a Japanese expat currently living and working in Iran.

How do I spot the Iranians in the room?

Listen to us discuss the telltale signs of how Iranians speak, or at least try to.

Where do I go for a first date in Iran?

Listen to our conversation with Mehrva to learn about the uniqueness of Iranian café culture and where to go to for a first date in Iran.

Why won’t Iranians take my money?

We discuss why Iranians want to give you anything and everything for free, until they don’t.

How do I make a successful podcast in Iran?

We talk to a successful Iranian podcaster about the expanding Persian language podcasting scene.

Can I listen to the Ask An Iranian podcasts on YouTube?

We’ve made the Ask An Iranian podcasts also available on YouTube, so find us there and subscribe.

Why is all Iranian bread flat?

In this episode we’re joined by an Iranian chef, Shahriar of Shahriar’s Kitchen, who joins us to discuss Iranian flatbreads.

Why do Iranians support Trump?

In this episode we discuss what happened when we asked 6,769.5 Iranians whether they support Trump.